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Brad Pitt
Meandering, pretentious nonsense. It's like watching your whole life crawl towards you on its hands and knees. 
If the first rule is 'Nobody talks about it,' a fitting subsection might be 'Why would anyone want to? 
Badly thought out sequel with an appalling script and several half-hearted performances. You'll have more fun watching the original again. 
Leonardo DiCaprio
A film trying feverishly to spin your head whilst feverishly trying to explain how it's spinning it. 
A big, silly, unapologetic mess of a film. If Scorsese hadn't directed it, no one would even pretend to like it. 
Forget women and children, what about truth, realism and historical accuracy first? 
Tom Hanks
Its 188 minutes of viewing time seemed more like a life sentence than a death sentence. 
Stupid is as stupid does, and this movie is, indeed, stupid. 
Hanks' overdone slapstick antics and awful accent, keep this featherweight farce from taking flight. 
Denzel Washington
It's as if someone who saw the apocalyptic drama The Road said, 'Let's do it again, but this time.. let's make it rubbish'. 
Football ends racism? Yeah, right 
It serves up revenge, loud bangs, grisly deaths and heavy symbolism in Mexico with some relish and extra cheese. A violent and ugly film. 
Jim Carrey
The title says it all. An uneven collection of bodily function jokes, facial gyrations, sexual jibes and pedestrian slapstick.  
A murky, flawed thriller that just doesn't add up. 
It's GOD awful! 
Robert De Niro
A disgusting account of what the 'evil' Vietnamese did to poor innocent Americans. 
Costner's lack of charisma, Connery's arrogance, and De Palma's disinterest in his material add up to a pretty lame couple of hours. 
Enough is enough. This franchise has run its course and made its millions, but now it's time for it to fock off. 
Kevin Spacey
An evil piece of junk that uses the death penalty as a gimmick for a dumb thriller. 
Wait...So everything I have just watched, never really happened? What a cheat of a movie. 
It is very tiresome peering through the gloom trying to catch a glimpse of something interesting, then having to avert one's eyes when it turns out to be just another brutally tormented body. 
Adam Sandler
One of the last lines by Al Pacino in the film is, 'Burn this.' I agree. 
Paul Thomas Anderson seems more concerned about pushing the limits of weirdness than actual storytelling in this self indulgent, pointless mess. 
It's basically just a Wonderful Life with punching, farting, dog-on-duck intercourse and sex jokes.  
Liam Neeson
Overly sentimental when the subject matter hardly needed any dressing up. 
I'm not sure if the title refers to the kidnapping at the center of the film or the hoodwinked feeling audiences will have when it's finished. 
A pop-culture calamity, a soulless, passionless film whose only real effect was to smudge the happy memories of the three originals. 
Christian Bale
It fails as a dystopian movie, as a retooling of Fahrenheit 451, and even as a rip-off of The Matrix. 
A disappointingly clunky and bombastic conclusion to a superior series. Nolan's biggest and worst movie to date. 
The film's attempts at satire get played out quickly, and just like Bateman's victims, you can't escape the bludgeoning. 
Russell Crowe
The film is 140 minutes long, and it ends at the part where things are just starting to get interesting. The story that comes after this one sounds fun! But this one wasn't.. 
Fans of the original production, no doubt, will eat the movie up, and good luck to them. However, I screamed a scream as time went by. 
Are you not entertained? No,.. I certainly am not. 
Johnny Depp
More headache than head trip. It's almost unwatchable 
Bland, bloated, and at times, bewildering, this third serving is merely yo-ho-hum 
Tim Burton's muddled take on the classic Lewis Carroll tale is an oddly dull, bland, forgettable flick. 

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