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(A) James Cameron
(B) Tim Burton
(C) Brian De Palma
(D) Lars von Trier
(E) David Lynch
(F) Terry Gilliam
(G) Martin Scorsese
(H) Chris Columbus
(I) Christopher Nolan
(J) Steven Spielberg
(K) Tom Hooper
(L) Peter Jackson
(M) Clint Eastwood
(N) Oliver Stone
(O) Sergio Leone
(P) Joel Schumacher
(Q) Marc Forster
(R) Wes Anderson
(S) David Fincher
(T) John Carpenter
(U) and (V) Bryan Singer
(W) Robert Zemeckis
(X) Matthew Vaughan
(Y) Akira Kurosawa
(Z) Kevin Smith or Ruben Fleischer

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