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A _____ binds to an enzyme's active site.
The genetic code is described as being _____ and universal.
Anaerobic respiration occurs in the _____?
Glycolysis produces how many molecule(s) of ATP per glucose?
Another word for 'sugars' is?
Name one factor that affects the rate of reaction at which an enzyme works.
The four most common elements in living organisms are carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and _____?
_____ is the process of making polypeptides.
This process is the splitting of water into hydrogen and oxygen via light energy.
This element is the main cation in cytoplasm?
There are three important properties of water: cohesive, thermal, and _____?
Ribose is a kind of _____?
DNA is short for _____?
A globular protein that acts to catalyse a chemical reaction is called a/an _____?
This process occurs in a 5’ to 3’ direction?
This element is an essential component of amino acids?
There are ___ different amino acids?
Aerobic respiration occurs in the _____?
We add water to generate this type of reaction?
The organic bases in DNA bind together with a _____ bond.
Cellulose is a kind of _____saccharide?
The pigment used in photosynthesis is called _____?
This kind of bonding occurs between water molecules?
Photosynthesis is the “plant form” of respiration, correct or incorrect?
The three main functions of a lipid is energy storage, thermal insulation and _____?
A variable R group is an element in this organic compound?
RNA has Uracil instead of _____?
Guanine binds to _____?
A ribesome binds to the mRNA in this process?
The process of joining two amino acids into a dipeptide is called _____?
A triplet of mRNA bases is called a _____?
This important elements can be found in haemoglobin?
17kJ of energy, per gram, is stored in this compound?
A one-peptide protein is called a/an _____?
This enzyme separates the two DNA strands?
The process going from DNA to mRNA is called?
_____ is the main cation in extracellular fluid.
An acid group (COOH) is part of this organic compound?
A structural change in a protein that results in the loss of its biological properties is called _____.

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