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This enzyme separates the two DNA strands?
DNA is short for _____?
A one-peptide protein is called a/an _____?
Glycolysis produces how many molecule(s) of ATP per glucose?
This important elements can be found in haemoglobin?
This element is the main cation in cytoplasm?
This process occurs in a 5’ to 3’ direction?
Anaerobic respiration occurs in the _____?
A triplet of mRNA bases is called a _____?
The process of joining two amino acids into a dipeptide is called _____?
Another word for 'sugars' is?
This element is an essential component of amino acids?
Cellulose is a kind of _____saccharide?
There are three important properties of water: cohesive, thermal, and _____?
RNA has Uracil instead of _____?
17kJ of energy, per gram, is stored in this compound?
The pigment used in photosynthesis is called _____?
Photosynthesis is the “plant form” of respiration, correct or incorrect?
The process going from DNA to mRNA is called?
The three main functions of a lipid is energy storage, thermal insulation and _____?
The organic bases in DNA bind together with a _____ bond.
A variable R group is an element in this organic compound?
This process is the splitting of water into hydrogen and oxygen via light energy.
A structural change in a protein that results in the loss of its biological properties is called _____.
_____ is the process of making polypeptides.
Guanine binds to _____?
The genetic code is described as being _____ and universal.
This kind of bonding occurs between water molecules?
Name one factor that affects the rate of reaction at which an enzyme works.
A _____ binds to an enzyme's active site.
The four most common elements in living organisms are carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and _____?
_____ is the main cation in extracellular fluid.
Aerobic respiration occurs in the _____?
We add water to generate this type of reaction?
There are ___ different amino acids?
A ribesome binds to the mRNA in this process?
Ribose is a kind of _____?
An acid group (COOH) is part of this organic compound?
A globular protein that acts to catalyse a chemical reaction is called a/an _____?

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