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ClueFour-letter Word
*Sometimes known as the creepeist aspect of Facebook*
Slang for smoking a drug, usually marijuana
Small bag used for carrying
*Used when your updates are longer than 420 characters*
'And Then There Were ______'
All by yourself
y=mx+b is the equation for this
*It's easy to post this to another website*
'How many ___s does it take to get to the Tootsie Roll center of a Tootsie Pop?'
Scavenger insects commonly found on the human head
*What you do when another's status gives you feelings of pleasure*
Enclosed body of water
ClueFour-letter Word
To create
Nickname for most popular US male baby name from 1961 to 1999
Weight-triggered explosive device
Alcoholic beverage
To pass the time
Legal document concerning property and possessions
*Your place to post statuses, links, pictures, and the like*
Season that begins September 21st
To have tripped or otherwise come down
In both French and Spanish, this verb is 'sentir'
*Facebook's up-to-date home page; your news ____

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