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Don't forget my lipstickThe Fame
Don't wanna kiss Don't wanna touchThe Fame Monster
He Tore my clothes right off, He ateThe Fame Monster
Touch me t-touch me baby but The Fame
Don't want your MoneyThe Fame Monster
I am as vain as I allowThe Fame Monster
Wont sign no monkey papersThe Fame
Yeah cause you're my rockstar in between the setsThe Fame
I wish you'd never looked at me that wayThe Fame
LyricsNext LineAlbum
Wish I could shut my The Fame
You shoulda made some plans with meThe Fame Monster
I'm shiny and I know it,The Fame
Luck and intuition play the cardsThe Fame
Raise a glass to mend all the broken hearts The Fame Monster
Guess it's just a silly song about youThe Fame
She looks good but her boyfriend saysThe Fame Monster
I want your leather-studded The Fame Monster
while we're all getting **** wrecked, it's automaticThe Fame

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