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Milo VentimigliaEmpathic mimicry
Hayden PanettiereRapid cellular regeneration
Jack ColemanNone HRG
Masi OkaSpace-time manipulation
Zachary QuintoIntuitive aptitude; empathic mimicry
James Kyson LeeAbility supercharging
Adrian PasdarFlight
Greg GrunbergTelepathy
Sendhil RamamurthySuperstrength
Cristine RosePrecognition
Ashley CrowNone Loves Mr. Muggles
Jimmy Jean-LouisDampening; memory manipulation
Noah Gray-CabeyTechnopathy
Ali LarterSuperstrength
Ali LarterFreezing
LestatNone Adorable
Robert KnepperTerrakinesis
Randall BentleyNone Brother
Elizabeth LackeyNone Ex-wife
Leonard RobertsPhasing
Dawn OlivieriEmpathy
Brea GrantSuper speed
Adair TishlerClairvoyance
Dania RamirezPoison Emission; Deadly tears
Santiago CabreraPrecognition
David AndersRapid cellular regeneration
Tawny CypressNone Girlfriend
David H. Lawrence XVIIPuppetmaster
George TakeiUnknown
Željko IvanekNone Bald
Stephen TobolowskyAlchemy
Kristen BellLightning
Ray CampbellDanger Sensing
Blake ShieldsPyrokinesis
Madeline ZimaNone Roommate
Thomas DekkerNone BFF :D
Jessalyn GilsigPyrokinesis
Malcolm McDowellHealing
Ntare Guma Mbaho MwinePrecognition
Jamie HectorFear enhancement
Deanna BrayEnhanced Synesthesia
Ray ParkSuperspeed
Quin and Reed BaronTouch and go
Robert ForsterPower absorption
Nicholas D'AgostoFlight
Nora ZehetnerPersuasion
Matthew John ArmstrongInduced radioactivity
Elisabeth RohmNone Government agent
Danielle SavreNone Cheerleader
Daryl CrittendenFire breathing
Shalim OrtizDeadly tears negation
Reginald StanleySuperstrength
Missy PeregrymIllusions
Saemi NakamuraNone Sister
Rena SoferNone Ex-wife
Clea DuVallNone Government agent
Eric RobertsNone The Company
Jayma MaysEnhanced memory
Dana DavisAdoptive muscle memory
Todd StashwickCloning
Alan BlumenfeldTelepathy
Jackson WurthNone Younger son
Justin EvansNone Older son
Katie CarrNone Irish
Sally ChamplinNone Diner
Deirdre QuinnNone Friend
Eriko TamuraNone Kensai
Harry PerryMemory manipulation
Nichelle NicholsUnknown
Christopher EcclestonInvisibility
Sasha PieterseSpontaneous combustion
AssafNone Paramedic
Matt LanterNone Stupid boy
Jack WallaceSpace-time manipulation
Richard RoundtreeTelepathy
Taylor ColeTeleportation
Ellen GreeneNone Mother
Erick AvariNone Father
Jonny SiewNone The Company
Diana AgronNone Cheerleader
Holt McCallanyNone Irish
Dominic KeatingNone Irish
Erin O'ReillyFire breathing
Kaleigh RyanFire breathing
Dan ByrdMicrowave emission
Bill HooperShapeshifting
Adam Lazarre-WhitePlant growth
Francis CapraSound manipulation
Franc RossMetal mimicry
Demetrius GrosseImpenetrable skin
Andrew ConnollyEmotion control
Tessa ThompsonInvisibility
Edward GustsCloaking
Nick UbaldiUnknown
Carlon JefferyNone Brother/cousin
Kat PurgalNone Sorority girl
Rachel MelvinNone Roommate
Carlease BurkeNone Works w/ Peter
Bruce BoxleitnerNone Governor?
Janel ParrishNone Cheerleader
Shishir KurupNone Indian groom
Stacy HaidukNone Government employee
Ronald GuttmanNone Doctor
Andre RoyoGravitational manipulation
UnknownHeat generation
Ken LallyMagnetism
Stana KaticDigital communication
John GloverIntuitive aptitude
Mark L. YoungHealing
Javin ReidDream manipulation
Tamlyn TomitaHealing
Chad FaustSuperstrength
Justin BaldoniUnderwater breathing
John Lee AmesTelekinesis
Ned SchmidtkeNone Father
Sakina JaffreyNone Mother
Tehmina SunnyClairsentience
Dusty SorgSpider mimicry
David BermanTelekinesis
Kiko EllsworthSound manipulation
Tina LiffordAbility supercharging
Elizabeth Ann BennettLie detection
Clint HowardShattering
Joanna CassidyUnknown
Stephen Monroe TaylorTelekinesis
Diana ScarwidWeather control
Zachary KnowerSeismic burst
Rusty SchwimmerEnhanced hearing
Everett KelseySeismic burst
Ethan CohnMelting
Jeff StaronShattering
Justin DraySeismic burst
Sherri SaumNone Wife
Natalie SalinsNone Mother
Sabrina PerezNone Sister-in-law/wife
Graham BeckelNone Father
Ginger PauleyNone Mother
Ali LarterUnknown

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