Can these Pokémon breed together? (Similar)

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Can you name the pairs that can breed?

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Pupitar and Kakuna
Grimer and Trubbish
Machoke and Gardevoir
Goldeen and Feebas
Sunflora and Cherrim
Tentacool and Jellicent
Buneary and Azumarill
Eevee and Zorua
Shellos and Slugma
Sealeo and Seel
Dustox and Mothim
Blissey and Audino
Kingler and Corphish
Nidoking and Nidoqueen
Shellder and Clamperl
Pineco and Ferroseed
Torkoal and Torterra
Plusle and Emolga
Croagunk and Politoed
Grumpig and Tepig
Crobat and Woobat
Monferno and Pansear
Dunsparce and Wurmple
Skitty and Persian
Poliwag and Tympole
Totodile and Krokorok
Delibird and Xatu
Basculin and Carvanha
Serperior and Ekans
Zigzagoon and Sentret

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