Can these Pokémon breed together? (Different)

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Can you name the pairs that can breed?

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Mawile and Togekiss
Lombre and Axew
Croconaw and Roselia
Pikachu and Castform
Lucario and Aggron
Cacnea and Magmortar
Gliscor and Metapod
Octillery and Bidoof
Snorlax and Wobbuffet
Wailord and Diglett
Gallade and Koffing
Spoink and Jigglypuff
Hoppip and Granbull
Farfetch'd and Eelektrik
Taillow and Drifloon
Hitmontop and Scrafty
Slowpoke and Tyranitar
Exeggcute and Solosis
Garbodor and Vanillite
Meowth and Seedot
Swablu and Druddigon
Gulpin and Lickitung
Geodude and Froslass
Shuckle and Boldore
Blitzle and Lanturn
Archen and Tentacruel
Salamence and Magikarp
Masquerain and Seadra
Yamask and Piplup
Sneasel and Alakazam

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