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Updated Jul 10, 2012

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∼ Pig sound ∼
Expensive fur
Monastery inhabitant
∼ Goose sound ∼
Shortened form of Henry
∼ Dog sound ∼
Illegal action by a pitcher
∼ Human sound ∼
Huge armored vehicle
Astronaut's beverage
∼ Made a bird sound ∼
Having all one's marbles
Sheet of glass
Whittle down
Without sin
∼ Cat sound ∼
Raymond of 'Perry Mason'
Lancaster or Reynolds
Type of hit, in baseball
Type of kick, in football
Kept in or restrained
Sassy or flippant
Lawbreaker, to a cop
∼ Chick sound ∼
Baked desserts
∼ Snake sound ∼
Señorita or mademoiselle
Common growth on tree trunks
∼ Cow sounds ∼
∼ Dove sounds ∼
Where you might hear a chick sound
Cut an image, in Photoshop
∼ Rooster sound ∼
'That sticks in my ____!'
Pull a gun from its holster
Cart used for hauling
∼ Donkey sound ∼
Impudent child
Defeat in competition
The right to ____ arms
Raise, as a child
∼ Lion sound ∼
Male swine
Feathered scarves
Gift toppers
'____ it going?'
∼ Wolf sound ∼
Hooded garment
Sheep's fleece
∼ Dog sound ∼
Donkey's foot
∼ Owl sound ∼
Like points not worth debating
Destination for Apollo 11
'You're putting __ __!'
∼ Cat sound ∼

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