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The day he hates more than any other
He lives next to this town
In this kind of dwelling
With a dog named
Some say this was two sizes too small
His age
What he specifically hates about Christmas (name one)
To stop Christmas from coming, the Grinch dressed like this person
He dressed his dog like this
Presents he stole from the Whos (name one)
Food he stole (name one)
He was getting ready to shove this up the chimbley
When he was caught red-handed by
Who got out of bed for
He lied to her by telling her he'd fix this
The last thing he took was
All he left was a crumb that was even too small for
After packing his sled, he took it to this hilltop to dump it
But instead of crying in the town, the Grinch heard this
Dumbfounded, he puzzled three hours till this was sore
What happened then? They say the Grinch's heart grew ____ sizes that day
When he brought back the toys and the food for the feast, he himself carved this
Story written by
Full name of the story
First published in this year
Song sung by Thurl Ranvenscroft for the TV special
Portrayed on the big screen by

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