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Can you name the film that marks the only time the given actor/actress has done voice acting for an animated feature?

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Actor/ActressAnimated FilmYear
Paul Newman2006
Jimmy Stewart 1991
Billy Joel1988
Woody Allen1998
Jim Carrey 2008
Joaquin Phoenix 2003
Stephen Colbert2009
George C. Scott 1990
Zach Braff2005
Ned Beatty2010
Kevin Spacey1998
Holly Hunter2004
Buddy Hackett 1989
Will Smith 2004
Michael J. Fox 2001
Actor/ActressAnimated FilmYear
Jennifer Aniston 1999
Gerard Butler2010
Rowan Atkinson1994
Nicole Kidman2006
Jerry Seinfeld2007
John Travolta2008
Mr. T2009
Ellen Degeneres2003
Sandra Bullock1998
Halle Berry2005
Albert Finney2005
Rosie O'Donnell1999
Meg Ryan 1997
Dwayne Johnson2009
Kurt Russell1981

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