Missing Word: Two-Word TV Shows

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Can you name the two-word TV show title from the set of missing words?

Updated Jun 2, 2016

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PhraseTV ShowPhrase
_____ Metal Jacket_____ of Representatives
The _____ Case of Benjamin ButtonThe Madness of King _____
The _____ HatterAll the King's _____
Just what the _____ orderedHe-_____-Must-Not-Be-Named
Don't Stop 'til You _____ Enough_____-aleck
New _____ WalesJurassic _____
_____ I See_____ B. Anthony
Don't Worry Be _____Long _____ Journey Into Night
____ Madrid Club de FĂștbol_____ wide web
_____ of SolaceLook before you _____
Hanging Gardens of _____The _____ stages of grief
_____ the Bottle_____ of Brotherly Love
PhraseTV ShowPhrase
Wait a minute, _____ Postman_____ Asner
The _____ Manual of StyleCape of Good _____
_____ Day Sunshine'It was the best of _____...'
The _____ Duckling_____ Crocker
_____ pieces of silver_____ Around the Clock
'They're the modern stone-age _____'The _____ that bind
Joseph and the _____ Technicolor Dreamcoat_____ against time
Give the _____ shoulder toIn _____ of emergency
Mix and _____...it's how you play the _____
_____ Rubble_____ Genuine Draft
Saving _____ Ryan_____ makes perfect
M. _____ ShyamalanThe ball's in your _____

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