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Can you name the movies from the actors who played father and son?

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Father & SonMovieYear
Crispin Glover & Michael J. Fox1985
Will Smith & Jaden Smith2006
Sean Connery & Harrison Ford1989
Jack Nicholson & Danny Lloyd1980
Christopher Walken & Leonardo DiCaprio2002
Tom Skerrit & Brad Pitt1992
Brad Pitt & Sean Penn2011
Albert Brooks & Alexander Gould *2003
Laurence Fishburne & Cuba Gooding, Jr.1991
Tom Hanks & Ross Malinger1993
Marlon Brando & Al Pacino1972
James Caan & Will Ferrell2003
Chevy Chase & Anthony Michael Hall1983
Keith Richards & Johnny Depp2007
James Earl Jones &
Jonathan Taylor Thomas *
Dwier Brown & Kevin Costner1989
Albert Finney & Billy Crudup2003
Burgess Meredith & Jack Lemmon1993
Father & SonMovieYear
Donald Sutherland & Timothy Hutton1980
Paul Newman & Daniel Craig2002
Michael Caine & Mike Myers2002
Willem Dafoe & James Franco2002
Marlon Brando & Christopher Reeve1978
Michael Gambon & Colin Firth2010
Richard Harris & Joaquin Phoenix2000
Jon Voight & Nicolas Cage2004
Pete Postlethwaite &
Daniel Day-Lewis
Denzel Washington & Ray Allen1998
Gerard Butler & Jay Baruchel *2010
James Earl Jones & Mark Hamill1980
Jim Carrey & Justin Cooper1997
Dennis Hopper & Christian Slater1993
Roberto Benigni & Giorgio Cantarini1997
Tim Allen & Eric Lloyd1994
Chris Hemsworth & Chris Pine2009
Jason Isaacs & Tom Felton2002

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