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Updated Oct 8, 2012

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The Big ____ (New Orleans)Feeling nauseous
Dessert cut into slicesArouse one's curiosity
Took a load offSit on one's haunches
What yeast causes dough to doIndecent
The 'A' of MoMA4 cups
Character name in 'Ice Age' and 'Toy Story'Calamari e.g.
German indefinite articleRelating to horses
Burning bush witnessBuildings with minarets
Disappear into thin airConquer in battle
What International Red Cross providesRandy or Dennis
Separated perforated paperForce that causes rotation
What morphine relievesStar of 'True Blood' and 'X-Men'
Miss America accessoryCousin of racquetball
Hotfooted itMuslim holy book
Acid's oppositeEthnic group of the Pyrenees
Biblical boatParticle with flavors
____ Too Proud to BegOld-fashioned, but charming
Male parent of a horseKnight's right-hand man
McGwire broke his home run record in 1998Title for Lafayette
Close with waxPig sound
Money for the poorMisgivings
Beginning, as of a new seasonType of hut

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