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Can you name the four-letter answers to this Pixar-themed word ladder?

Updated Feb 18, 2014

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'Toy Story' space ranger
Peach or kiwi feature
Sound of a carbonated beverage
JFK syllable
If the shoe ____
Fish propellers
____ McMissile of 'Cars 2'
Minneapolis' state (abbrev.)
Coin maker
____ Blanc (Alps)
Hopper's obnoxious brother in 'A Bug's Life'
Fungus that grows on decaying food
Texas ____ 'em
Depend (on)
'Ratatouille' character known as 'Little Chef'
San ____, Italian resort town
Office note
LOLcats is an example of an internet ____
Distribute (out)
'Toy Story 2' villain Stinky ____
Crown of the head
Door in a fence
____ du Nord (Paris station)
Busey or Oldman
Excessively bloody
Forgetful fish in 'Finding Nemo'
Start of a musical scale (2 wds.)
Yawn-inducing person
Roseanne of TV
'Incredibles' family surname
Disneyland or Six Flags e.g.
Group of wolves
Partner of roll, in basketball
Rolling Stones frontman
Three Blind ____
One-eyed Wazowski in 'Monsters Inc.'
Thumbs up, on Facebook
Third gospel
Worm on a hook e.g.
Restore to wholeness
What a hair roller produces
Crotchety old man who went 'Up'
Pixar film set in Radiator Springs
Flying mammals
It goes with 'ifs' and 'ands'
Grooves in the road
Babe ____ (Sultan of Swat)
Writer (abbrev.)
'WALL•E' villain
Type of saxophone
____Vista (Yahoo search engine)
Alan of M*A*S*H
'We go to together like a wink ___ _ smile'
Name on the bottom of Woody's foot

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