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Combine the answers to each pair of clues to form the name of a historical person. Most answers will sound the same (or similar) to a famous name but will be spelled differently. (SEE EXAMPLE)

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CluesFamous Name
If I didn't ____ any better +
____-shaped curve
Part of a skeleton +
'Things Fall ____' (Achebe)
Electrical unit +
Hot-___ balloon
Stage production +
One of five on a foot
'____ with the Wind' +
500 in Roman numerals
Brother of Orville Wright +
'May the ____ be with you'
Christian house of worship +
Jack and Jill ascended one of these
____, rattle and roll +
Weapon similar to a javelin
Opposite of a row on a spreadsheet +
Greyhound vehicle
Water barriers around castles +
Paintings, sculptures, drawings etc.
Overcome one's opponent +
At no cost
Boy ___ Cried Wolf +
Of sound mind
The E of B.C.E. +
What to do under the mistletoe +
Cause bodily harm
Actress Fawcett +
Daniel ___-Lewis
CluesFamous Name
Bird of prey or an Atlanta NBAer +
Male monarch
What we breathe +
Valentine's Day shape
'Hello ____!' (Streisand movie) +
Peruvian pack animal
Product extracted from a mine +
Pit from which to draw water
___-per-view +
Hawaiian garland
Daddy ____legs +
'For he's a jolly good ____'
Cut the grass +
Sound a horse makes
Sneaker or loafer +
Partner of Ernie on Sesame Street
24 hours +
Grocery store carrier
Norse god of thunder +
'__ say can you see...'
Group of actors in a play +
Manually propel a boat
Vegetable in a pod +
Fly ___ the handle
Hot off the ____ +
___ Harvey Oswald
Only even prime number +
Not a moment ___ soon
Do, re, __ +
Capital of Iran

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