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Pounds per square inch is a unit of this
Use a keyboard
Lever, pulley and wedge are examples of these types of machines
BCS bowl game played in New Orleans
Hunting dog
Real, Rial, or Rand
Owen and Luke or Remus and Romulus
Protestant color in Northern Ireland
Water craft; also a vase or pitcher
Grandfather or cousin e.g.
A girl's best friend?
Ideal bait
Play the chauffeur
Side of a river
Michael Jackson video shot in a parking garage
Right of ____ refusal
30 minutes in the NFL
Monty Python's The Meaning of ____
Type of flush, in cards
Good place to store tools
Wet dirt
Parachutists pull it
Color of Paul Bunyan's ox
Like an owl
Go down in defeat
50/50 test choice
Word that precedes the answers in the first column and succeeds the answers in the second column

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