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When did the Giants move to Candlestick Park?
Which player hit the 'Shot Heard 'Round the World'?
Which 4 players hit at least 20 homeruns and drive in at least 80 RBI's in 1999?
Which player won rookie of the year in 1958?
What was the original name of the Giants?
Against which team did Willie Mays make his famous over-the-shoulder catch?
Which player won rookie of the year in 1959?
Which was a worse move for Sabean: Zito's 7year 126 million dollar contract or trading Francisco Liriano and Joe Nathan to get A.J. Pierzynski?
Which player was Jon Miller referring to when he said 'that was the worst baserunning in the history of the game'?
Which team is WAY better than the dodgers?
Which GM did Brian Sabean take over for in 1997?

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