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BandWord Or Song
Some day - will find you
My feet are - off the ege
I said he doesnt look a thing like - but he talks like a gentleman
Im goin off the - of a - train
Wooah ohh-
Take me down to the - city
Everyone knows im in - my head
Ive Become so - I can feel you there
The truth is i am getting away with-
I walk this empty street on the - of broken dreams
BandWord Or Song
How Many Red Baloons?
Paranoias brought me to my knees Lord please please please Take away my - The sane and the insane rivalry
Every day im -
Get up, come on get down with the sickness You mother get up come on get down with the -
Looking back at me i see that i - really got it right
My name is -
Here we are now - us I feel stupid and contagious
Always I Know - be at my show
And I dont want the - to see me cuz i dont think that theyd understand
Back Off ill - you on

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