Can you name the following Protangonists?

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Can you name the Name the Protagonists!?

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Relevant Hints
Wingardium Leviosa
Black Pearl
The Precious
Circle Of Life - Song
Moby Dick
The Identity, The Supremecy, The Ultimatum
Shinigami / Death Gods (Manga/Anime)
Green Kryptonite
Cirque Du Freak
I am your father..... NO!!!
CC, Suzaku, Geass. (Manga/Anime)
Godfather Family Name
Pikachu! I Choose You! First Gen
Relevant Hints
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Statue in London.
Nine Tailed Fox (Manga/Anime)
Sergeant Johnson, Arbiter.
Twilight Princess
Blue Pill, Red Pill.
Double Agent
Sidecreeper, Dino Rhino.
If I touch you, I get your power.
Detective Liuetenant. Bruce Willis
Locust Scourge. Gears.

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