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Can you name the famous people with 'von' or 'van' in their name??

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Unifier of Germany; Chancellor 1871-1890
Artist, painted 'Sunflowers'
President of the European Council since 2009; Belgian PM 2008-2009
American burlesque artist; dresses like a pin-up
Airship tycoon of the 1900s
One of Hitler's opponents in his rise to power; German Chancellor 1932-1933
One of Hitler's opponents in his rise to power, German Chancellor 1933
Hungarian-American mathematician in the 1940s key in the development of the atom bomb
President of Germany 1925-1934, the airship named for him burst into flames
German poet, wrote 'Faust'
WWI flying ace, 'The Red Baron'
Danish film director, 'Dogville', 'Antichrist'
German Army officer who attempted to assassinate Hitler in 1944
Eighth President of the United States
German composer; 5th and 7th Symphonies
American guitarist, leads a band named after him
Dutch footballer, striker for Hamburg, former Man Utd star
Belgian painter who did portraits of Charles I
American actor with a show named after him, also starred in Mary Poppins
Dutch trance DJ
Vice-captain of Arsenal FC, Dutch striker
Vampire hunter from 'Dracula'
Former Ajax and Netherlands manager, striker in the 1980s
Belgian actor known for B-movies
Dutch darts player, five-time world champion
Dutch goalkeeper for Manchester United
Bart's geeky friend in The Simpsons

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