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B.C.Bibilcal references
ROTFChat slang
CEOEvery company has one of these!
km.British measurment
A.M.Latin anyone? Before Noon
LOLChat slang
DNAMedical lingo
LMAOChat slang
STDYou don't want these!
RAMComputer lovers
Ph.D.After your B.S. lets get this
ACCooling system for the summer time!
B.S.We all strive to get one of these after high school
GMTTIme zones!
FYIChat slang
CPRLife saving proceedure
iOSiPhone lingo
NBLatin anyone? Note well!
USBComputer lovers
FBIUS Agency
WWWWebsite coding
NYCBig Apple
WLANComputer lovers
cm.12 are in a foot
NATOWorld powers
BFFOMGGG! She is my BFF!!
OMGChat slang
ASLChat slang
ft.3 of these in a Yard
PGMost movies have this as a rating
BRBChat slang
CPUComputer lovers
CIAUS Agency
MYOBChat slang
GPAWe all want a good one of these in school!
GMCorporate company
M.D.Hospitals and medicine
LCDFlat screens are cool!
BBQBurgers anyone?
Acct.Most of have these in banks
P.M.Latin anyone? After Noon
HTMLWebsite coding

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