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First Foreigner to make the Ro4
Tasteless's man-crush
The Most Awkward Interview ever
This oGs player's name was so hilariously mispronounced by the player announcer
Was knocked out of Code A, however was placed in the Up/down Matches the same Season
First Code A Champion
Only player with over 10 Games to be undefeated against Zerg
The infamous all-iner
Captain of TSL
Credited with popularizing Protoss Stargate play versus Zerg
Only Player to play in the GSL and cast more than one match
Only player to make it to the finals (exluding Code A) without a single loss
First Terran GSL Champion (exluding Code A)
This player has changed teams more than anyone (tie)
The only player to play in a single GSL match and cast a single GSL match
This former Code S player has 33.33% Win rate in all Match-ups
Which player who has casted the GSL at one point has played the most games
Famous for using a Proxy Hatchery and getting, then canceling, an Evolution Chamber first
This player is in Code S and is also the Head Coach of his team
Only original Code S player to be knocked down to Code A, and still remain there
Only previous Finalist not to go to the Up/Down matches in GSL Mar.
Dutch Zerg
The first Mirror Match-up GSL Finals (exluding Code A) was between ____/____
SangHo/Killer's smurf ID
Dyed his hair Fiery Red
Said 'I don't lose to Protoss'
This player upset the most one-sided Liquibet Poll ever
Claimed to be unbeatable versus Protoss
First player to achieve an all-kill in the GSTL
Canadian Protoss
Player with most GSTL wins that is not in the GSL
Two Players have beaten future GSL Champions (Code A included) and are no longer in the GSL themselves they are ____/_____
First Foreigner to make the Ro16
The Emperor
The Protoss who beat the person who said 'I don't lose to Protoss'
Only player to have lost 2 GSL's
Player who got into Code S with a 3-7 Record
Lost to Marineking in the 'Worst game ever' (Marineking's first GSL game)
The reporter who qualified for the GSL
Only Code A player in oGs after the conclusion of GSL Mar.
The Casting Archon's favorite player
Only Chinese Player
Only GSL Champion (Open or CodeS) to be in Code A
Caused NaDa to take off his jacket
Introduced the Viking Flower
Only Random player ever int the GSL
Only player to have won 2 GSL's
Famous for blocking his own expansion
First Player to use Carriers in the GSL
BoxeR's first GSL win was over
First Player to lose using Battlecruisers in the GSL
Genius Terran
Won the GSL Mar. Wildcard Tournament for the open spot in Code S
This player almost missed his match versus Marineking by being late
The only player to make the Quarterfinals of in both GSL Mar. and GSL Jan. Code S
Left Code S for the Military
Swedish Zerg
The first Protoss player to make the Semi-Finals of GSL
Artosis's man-crush
German Terran
Left Code S to go to the US
Only GSL Champion to be negative in a specific Match-Up
Captain of oGs
Only player to drop to Code A, then come back to Code S in one season
Player to change GSL ID's the most times (tie)
Only player to switch races in the GSL and now be in Code S
Said 'I don't give a damn about a Terran winning. Next season, a Protoss will surely win.' regarding the TvT finals. (he was right O.o)
Taiwanese Zerg
Claimed to have an unbeatable strategy versus Zerg on Shakuras
MvP's only Code S player

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