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I apologize, but I cannot duel myself.
If I picture families, innocents caught up in our foolish politics? If I imagine them... All I can do is pray for a way to solve things peacefully.
The marquess's brother is a well-known lout. If I WERE at court, they'd sense something wrong.
How was it--the taste, I mean? I was rather proud of my work today, I must admit.
Eeek! A baby fox!? How cute! It's so very cute
You know what? I'm watching the house all by myself. Do you know how to do that? You have to sit and be good.
Chin up! Take a deep breath... You have to speak loudly, remember!
Morphs...are the mere fact of existence...once meaning has been stripped away.
As long as we bend our knee to you, you care not where we're from. But when an equal comes from my lands? What conceit.
If by some chance you can hear my prayer... Please look after our son.
This cold steel protects not only my body, you know. It also protects my lord and my people!
You know, I think I liked you better near the brink of death...
Gods are lies created by the weakness in all mankind.
The entire world!? Why would I care about that!? The whole world can burn for all I care!!
You're right. I still have... quite a bit of living to do.
Even the most hardened criminal would flee in terror after five minutes in your company.
You should be more careful of the demands you make on this weary old frame, yes?
Pegasi are noble animals! So, they must eat noble carrots, you see!
You were so long gone that I feared you dead. Another day, and I might have arranged you a funeral rite.
The keep of the desert must be comfortable with solitude. The guardian must find peace in it.
I... excelled at neither books nor blades.
I didn't even fight. I just hid… I… I… I'm just a cowardly old man…
All living creatures take energy from somewhere. We all use it to create, to change it into something better.
Well, my sweetie's a pirate. His name's Jake, and he's the best.
You... You peasants... You can't treat a proper noble like this!
First the old man, and now the girl... They cling to life like a drowning man to a rock!
An evil star… rises in Bern… All of Elibe will be once again awash in blood… But do not fear. Once again, Lycia brings hope.
We're going hunting! We'll taunt them and pull them to the center of the town.
Is there no sane land in this world?
I don’t have the freedom to worry about such abstract concerns. Only work and survival matter.
What part of my hairdo looks like a bird’s nest!?
I hadn't eaten in ten days, and you were cooking meat!
This body and this heart are constructs. Yes, as is this sorrow.
You must live for the future. I am bound to this course. Kill me, and don’t look back.
Blood? Is this... my blood? Ephidel! Come to me!! Your master... calls you! I am the ruler... of... the... world...
Your wyvern seems unwell...
If I sliced you into lovely red ribbons with this, would the pieces be as soft and delicate as silk?
You’re inhuman. Your soul is black and devoid of warmth.
I need no bride to jabber at me-- There’s enough going on around here already!
It appears I’ve left you lonely. ...I’m sorry. When this battle is ended, I will amend my bad habits.
The only real strength of Bern’s knights these days is in their boasting.
Wishful thinking, teapot! You were no prize on the battlefield! I saw you poke each unit one by one with your little needle... The whole thing took ages!
All of you treat my brother and me so... normally. Doesn't it bother you? Our powers... our looks... We're different from you...
That little bird has escaped this island cage twice. Now that she's back, she'll not be allowed to fly away again.
If I let go your hand now, I would regret it for the rest of my life.
It is never a good idea to yell like that on a battlefield unless you are inviting attack...
I’m against this!! Giving such a dangerous job to this child…
So now I’m your new hobby, is that it? You falling for me?
You are insects railing against the heavens. Your actions will change nothing.
As slippery as ever... Didn't even wait for my reply.
However, I must see the other side. My curiosity pushes me ever deeper. It will be my undoing.
...I told you. I will...oppose... you always.....
I am not running away. I will be back... someday. I'll be stronger... I will break their swords beneath me like twigs beneath a stallion's hooves.
...... You...kicked me... the stomach...
I require no seals. I have no need of this idleness called peace. Power unused is power wasted.
I would rather die a knight than live in shame. I will trade my life for many of theirs.
You look old, but you’re still in your thirties, right? Fourteen years apart, huh? Hey, that’s not so bad!!
Oh, something about assassins sneaking in, wasn’t it? I’ve no time for such trifles.
...Hear me: Tomorrow, I will be a man… So this is my last wish as a foolish child.
This is the way I prefer to remember it, milord. Please don’t ruin it by correcting me!
This is a message from Lord Nergal: 'I await you on the Dread Isle.'
So you have some human emotion in you after all. You always seemed just like those creepy morphs.
I’m going alone. I want to live a long time. I don’t have your curiosity.
Until the end of time, my lord. I will wait for you until the end of time.
If you follow my fast and effective secret training regimen for just ten short days, I promise you big beautiful muscles that will be sure to turn a few heads!
I think I have a few bolts of cloth that would really bring out the color of your hair.
Such a lovely sound! So simple, yet it has a kind of crystal-perfect ring to it...
…What could His Majesty be thinking? Detaining me for so long, with no just cause!
I’m just going to punch that rock over there until my head feels better...
If you complete this mission, I’ll hold your hand as often as you like. I will even hug you and stroke your face.
I offer relief to those who hurt inside, and yet, I, too, am...afflicted...
I think we fight for the right reasons... times, I grow uneasy. I grow sorrowful for the lives cut short on the end of my blade.
I'm a man of the sea. I always keep my word.
Who would sell their dream for a few clinking coins in their pocket!?
Most people give up then. They realize they’re not young anymore, they don’t have talent. They think up some excuse why they don’t have to try.
Commune with the spirits... I do that a lot. My mother just used them, and always said that talking to them was a waste of time, but...
I feel much time has passed. Seeing you again… It brings back memories.

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