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Location SecretedFull Name of HormoneTarget/Effects
Anterior PituitaryOvaires/Testes; Follicle development or spermatogenesis
Anterior PituitaryOvaries/Testes; ovulation or testosterone synthesis
Anterior PituitaryIncrease growth and activity of adrenal gland
Anterior PituitaryThyroid; Increase release of thyroid hormone
Anterior PituitaryMammary gland; milk production
Anterior PituitaryIncreases bone and muscle growth. Increases cell turnover.
Posterior PituitaryKidney; water retention
Posterior PituitaryBreast/Uterus; Uteral contractions and milk letdown
ThyroidMental and physical development in children. Temperature and metabolic rate in adults.
ThyroidBone/Kidney/Small intestine; Lowers serum [Calcium]
ParathyroidBone/Kidney/Small intestine; Raise serum [Calcium]
ThymusThymus; T-cell development during childhood
Location SecretedFull Name of HormoneTarget/Effects
Adrenal MedullaSympathetic stress response (rapid)
Adrenal CortexLonger-term stress response; increased blood [glucose]; increased protein catabolism; decreased inflammation and immunity; etc.
Adrenal CortexAdrenal cortex; Increase Na+ reabsorption
Adrenal CortexNormally not important; adrenal tumor can overproduce these, causing masculinization or feminization.
Pancreas (Islets of Langerhans)Alpha cells; Increase blood glucose. Decrease glycogen synthesis and increase breakdown.
Pancreas (Islets of Langerhans)Beta cells; Decrease blood glucose. Increase glycogen synthesis.
Pancreas (Islets of Langerhans)Delta cells; Growth hormone-inhibiting hormone. Inhibits certain digestive processes
TestesMale characteristics; spermatogenesis
Ovaries/PlacentaFemale characteristics; endometrial growth
Ovaries/PlacentaEndometrial secretion
HeartIncrease urination
KidneysBone marrow; increase RBC synthesis

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