RuneScape Lumbridge F2P NPC's

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Duke of Lumbridge
By the castle, runs if you threaten him.
Banks items.
Cooks for the Duke
Buys God Wars ancient artifacts.
Local female who can tell you about quests in the area.
Canoe station person.
Gives SAGE advice.
Tells beginners about Daemonheim.
Lumbridge priest.
Woman who is worried about her brother.
Sells axes.
Starts Blood Pact Quest.
Predicts Doom
Guy who asks for money.
Plays Music
Gives out Herald Capes.
Sells general items.
Works for above.
Teaches melee fighting.
Teaches magic fighting.
Teaches ranged fighting.
Shearable animal.
Black shearable animal.
Baby shearable animal.
Owns the Lumbridge farm.
Sells milk.
Has a mill.
Can be milked, not fightable.
Banks cowhides, beef, and flour.
Cleaning gnome.
Sells fishing supplies.
Explorer ______
Hermit in the swamp.
Group of Adventurers, Magic
Group of Adventurers, Ranged
Group of Adventurers, Melee
Group of Adventurers, Prayer

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