Creatures and Races of Middle Earth

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Can you name the Creatures and Races of Middle Earth?

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The second children of Illuvatar.
The wisest and fairest of all beings.
Great miners and craftsmen of the Mountain Halls.
Small beings who live in the shire.
Evil creatures bred by Morgoth.
Large and somewhat stupid evil creatures, also bred by Morgoth.
An advanced version of orcs.
An advanced version of trolls.
Evil creatures bred by Saruman combining men with orcs.
Nine wraiths corrupted by Sauron.
The more powerful Ainu.
Less powerful Ainu.
Aka'The Wizards'
Great fiery demons.
Large war beasts rode by the Haradrim.
Flying creatures ridden by the Nazg├╗l.
Big bugs that spin webs.
Majestic flying birds.
Often called 'The horses of kings'.
Undead wights from the Barrow Downs
Evil spies from Dunland. Birds.
The Tree Shepherds.
Trees that sometimes walk!

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