MLB Biggest Free Agent Contracts 2008-2013

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Can you name the biggest free agent contracts by offseason between 2008 and 2013?

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NYY: 8/$180M 
NYY: 7/$161M 
NYY: 5/$82.5M 
ATL: 4/$60M 
*CHC: 4/$52M 
*LAD: 2/$45M 
NYM: 3/$37M 
*NYM: 3/$36M 
PHI: 3/$31.5M 
CHC: 3/$30M 
*LAD: 3/$30M 
ATL: 3/$23M 
CLE: 2/$20.5M 
WAS: 2/$20M 
SF: 2/$18.5M 
*LAD: 3/$17.5M 
LAA: 2/$17.5M 
TB: 2/$16M 
*PHI: 2/$13M 
*LAA: 3/$12.75M 
*STL: 7/$120M 
BOS: 5/$82.5M 
NYM: 4/$66M 
SEA: 4/$36M 
CIN: 6/$30.25M 
MIL: 3/$29.75M 
PHI: 3/$18M 
LAA: 2/$16M 
BOS: 2/$15.5M 
CHC: 3/$15M 
HOU: 3/$15M 
WAS: 2/$15M 
DET: 2/$14M 
BOS: 2/$12.5M 
SF: 2/$12M 
BAL: 2/$12M 
*NYY: 1/$11.75M 
LAA: 2/$11M 
BOS: 1/$10M 
OAK: 1/$10M 
BOS: 7/$142M 
WAS: 7/$126M 
PHI: 5/$120M 
TEX: 6/$96M 
CWS: 4/$56M 
*NYY: 3/$51M 
DET: 4/$50M 
*CWS: 3/$37.5M 
NYY: 3/$35M 
*NYY: 2/$30M 
*SF: 2/$22M 
*COL: 2/$21.5M 
LAD: 3/$21M 
FLA: 3/$18M 
DET: 3/$16.5M 
*MIN: 2/$16.5M 
*STL: 2/$16.5M 
WAS: 2/$16M 
LAA: 3/$15M 
CWS: 3/$13M 
LAA: 10/$250M 
DET: 9/$214M 
MIA: 6/$106M 
LAA: 5/$77.5M 
TEX: 6/$60M 
MIA: 4/$58M 
PHI: 4/$50M 
*PHI: 3/38M 
MIL: 3/$36M 
COL: 3/$31.5M 
MIA: 3/$27M 
STL: 2/$26M 
MIN: 3/$21M 
AZ: 2/$15M 
TEX: 2/$14.5M 
*OAK: 2/$14M 
*STL: 2/$14M 
NYM: 2/$12M 
LAD: 2/$12M 
BAL: 3/$11.34M 
LAD: 6/$147M 
LAA: 5/$123M 
*DET: 5/$80M 
ATL: 5/$75.25M 
CLE: 4/$56M 
CHC: 4/$52M 
CLE: 4/$48M 
*SF: 4/$40M 
BOS: 3/$39M 
LAD: 6/$36M 
WAS: 2/$28M 
BOS: 2/$26.5M 
DET: 2/$26M 
AZ: 3/$26M 
*KC: 3/$25M 
*WAS: 2/$24M 
*CIN: 3/$21M 
*SF: 3/$20M 
*SF: 3/$18M 
PIT: 2/$17M 

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