90s Nickelodeon Shows by Obscure Clue

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Can you name the 90s Nickelodeon Shows by the clue given??

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Shrine of the Silver Monkey
Powdered Toast Man
The Snorch wears red high heels
'Roasted, toasted, and burnt to a crisp!'
Mr. Ernst
Honker Burger
Summer Sanders hosts
'I'm Boney, I'm Boney. Leave me aloney!'
Mom has a metal plate in her head that gets radio reception
Midnight Society
Best friend's mom is in the Roller Derby
When saying 'I don't know', one gets slimed
Evil Dinosaurs called 'Sleestacks'
The Christa travels back in time through a black hole
Vital Information for Your Everyday Life
Mike O'Malley and Mo at the scoreboard
Action League Now!
'Move it, football head!'
Dr. Lipschitz could cure any family problems
Darwin was the family's monkey
Pie-coaster, Pie-pod, and Pie-wash
Revolved around the Anyfamily's daily life
Goo was Alfie's best friend
Omar Gooding hosted

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