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Group active in political scene, made up of corporations, law firms, or public relations firms, not necessarily individual membershmmm look at the title of this quiz!
Group which advocates family planning. 4 million 'activists, supporters, and donors'
Political funding vehicles created by the 1974 campaign finance reforms.
Group which provides some material incentives to join, but primarily relies on purposive incentives to protect and strenghten education 2 million members
Feminist group which is a respected debate agency, and which promotes democracy.140,000 members
Benefits that have monetary value, including money, gifts, services, or discounts received as a result of one's membership in an organization
An assesment of a representative's voting record on issues important to an interest group.Designed to generate public support for or opposition to a legislator
An interst group organized to influence government decisions, especially legislation. attempt to influence such decisions.to do this is to attempt to influence such decisions
Individuals or organizations representing other organizations, with interest in bread and butter issues
Group formed by concerned mothers who have gained enough power as to heavily increase penalties for drunk driving
Group originally formed in order to counter the post civil war KKK, and now is for protecting the right to bear arms3 million members
Group that may accept and spend unlimited amounts of money on election activities so long as they are not spent on broadcast ads run in the last 30 days before a primary or 60 days
technique used by modern interest groups that raises money and mobilizes supporters via personalized mailings
Club organized in 1890s after birth of the conservation movement
Environmental organization that gave Mr Field 10 twigs.
hintanswerextra hint
Groups that have a narrow interest tend to dislike compromise, and often draw membership from people new to politics. These features distinguish them from traditional interest grou
Political organizations that attract members by appealing to their political convictions with coherent sets of (usually) controversial principles.
Civil rights group originally founded by W.E.B. DuBois
Womens interest group which has concentrated on bringing lawsuits aimed at enforcing or enlarging the legal rights of women in higher education and other institutions
Widely shared demand for change in some aspect of the social or political order
A valued benefit obtained by joining a political organization
The benefit that comes from serving a cause or principle from which one does not personally benefit.
Groups made up of Americans who join because they feel strongly on an issuePeople are willing to join simply to make a difference
The social rewards that lead people to join local or state political organizations.
a signal telling a congressional representative what values are at stake in a vote
Largest interest group in America. For senior citizens. Provides material incentives. 32 million members
The problem faced by unions and other groups when people do not join because they can benefit from the groups' activities without officially joining. The bigger the group, the moreThe bigger the group, the more serious the problem.
Boom years in for interest groups in America
A person who is employed by and acts for an organized interest group or corporation to try to influence policy decisions and positions in the executive and legislative branches.
Money provided to interest groups by the federal government which interest groups are to put towards certain projectsprojects must me for public interest

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