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A term for animal excrement high in phosphorous and nitrogen, often applied to bats
Movie with tagline 'A lot can happen between Thursday and Saturday!'
The words ‘marionette’ and ‘puppet’ were merged by Jim Henson to create this now-famous term known by children and adults alike
A Roman emperor whose namesake wall separated Britain from the tribes of Scotland
A Sufi order from Turkey so named because of the whirling dances they perform to praise Allah
A legendary creature of the Jewish tradition; a clay one is said to reside in the Czech city of Prague
Chiefly Mexican mountain range featured in a Humphrey Bogart movie where you 'don't need no stinkin' badges'
An instrument in the Percussion family, once known as a pianoforte
Nabataean stronghold carved into a cliff face at Arabah, Jordan; featured in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
Name given to the Hawaiian islands by James Cook to honor a certain Earl
Landmass first theorized by Ptolemy, though the first landing didn't occur until 1821
A disastrous charge of British cavalry against Russian forces during the Crimean War, inspiring a Tennyson poem and a 1936 movie.
A fictional Caribbean island, the picturesque title destination of a Beach Boys song, first featured in the Tom Cruise film, Cocktail
The ship found drifting off of Portugal in 1872, mysteriously bereft of all her passengers
Clear, amorphous solid with chemical composition SiO2, often said to become less viscous over time
Common name for weather system flowing from the Hawaiian Islands to the Pacific coast of North America
Antiquated name for tungsten (chemical symbol W) that dates from the 14th century
The fourth longest river in Europe, it flows through Russia, Belarus, and the Ukraine before emptying in the Black Sea
Owner of a weapon with names such as the Holy Lance and the Spear of Destiny
Floating fortress from the novel Gulliver's Travels; name translates to 'The ****'

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