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Opening LyricsSong Titles
Goodbye, goodbye-ee-eye...
I'm the mother flippin'...
...The concrete world is starting to get ya...
If you want me to I could hang around with you...
Looking round the room, I can tell that you, are...
The distant future, the year 2000!
Girl, tonight we're gonna make love. You know how I know, baby?
People in the room doing Boom like it's never been done, Bust a move it's just the kick of a gun!
Opening LyricsSong Titles
(song title) Whatcha doin' out there man?
In the marmalade forest, Between the make believe trees, In a cottage cheese cottage, Lives...
Hey there Bret, I see you looking down, Don't want to see my little buddy there with a frown.
(song title), don't wear the ring!
Je voudrais une croissant, Je suis enchante
Just wanna do something special for all the...
Lives are like retractable pencils, If you push them too hard they're gonna break.

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