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Alternative Name(s)Common Name
Ermine, Short-tailed Weasel
Red Jackal, Simien Fox, Abyssinian Wolf
Marsupial Cat, Australian Native Cat, Tiger Cat
Mountain Lion, Puma, Panther
Yangtze River Dolphin, Chinese River Dolphin Whitefin Dolphin
Seladang, Indian Bison
Earth Pig, Antbear
Red Lynx, Bay Lynx
Spotted Deer, Axis Deer
European Bison
Firefox, Bear Cat, Lesser Panda
Alternative Name(s)Common Name
Toddy Cat, Motit, Marapatti
Dassie, Rock Rabbit
Boto, Boutu
Moon Bear, White-chested Bear
Glutton, Skunk Bear, Carcajou
Miner's Cat, Civet Cat, Cacomistle
Patagonian Hare, Patagonian Cavy
Water Dog, River Wolf
Painted Dog, Cape Hunting Dog
Scaly Anteater, Tinggiling
Pygmy Chimpanzee
Asiatic Wild Dog, Indian Wild Dog, Red Dog
Tibetan Wild Ass, Gorkhar

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