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PhraseSkitSeries (If Any)
'What are you doing with our TV?'
'We found out yesterday that she is expecting.'
'h'uuhh?'H____ M_____! Hahahahahahahahahahaha
'I just need one good idea. Not two ideas, not three ideas, just one.'
'Too late n00b!'
'Maybe next time we should tell them we're tired.'
'Do you guys think that I could take this stuff back without the box?'
'That corpse flaked out on movie time, and if I remember correctly he still owes you twenty bucks'
'Your gonna shoot me if I shoot myself? That doesn't make any sense!'
'Dude, I want that jacket so bad.'
'So your me, separated by a couple of minutes, but were wearing different pants.'
'Who could I call? Decisions, decisions. Ah.'
'His coffee's 'black'. His coffee's 'white'. But we drink it both ways, cause it's alright.'
'Do you hear that? It's a group of people blowing their noses toghether!'
If I prove to you that there are no monsters in your closet, will you go to bed?'
'Who uses text signatures?'
'Who said these dates could see?'Awkward Moments
'Julian, just close the door.'
PhraseSkitSeries (If Any)
'I've never actually tried Hot Kool Aid. I am such a hypocrite.'
'I made this for you!'
'Anthony, if you hang up that phone I am not giving you a hot tub massage!'
'No. I want twelve. I want twelve of them.'
'We gave him butter just last week!'Get Your Own IPhone
'Oh no, there's only one slice left.'
'You are the lamest excuse for a ghost I have ever seen. In fact, you make Casper the Friendly Ghost look intimidating.'
'We are all proud of you son. Except for that guy; he hates you.'
'Oh, so you hide behind the curtains and the problem goes away.'
'It took me like two years to come up with this shirt!'
'Your gonna make a 'great' parent someday.'
'I can sell this to you for just ninety-nine cents.'
'Once we get physical, boy, your gonna need a physical.'
'All your friends will hate your guts, if you don't sit still. Your family will disown your butt and probably have you killed.'
'Yeah, well thanks for the translation Pacman!'
'That's why we got cancelled.'
'I hate that game, and get that camera out of my face!'

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