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QuestionAnswerExtra Hint for you.
 Welcome, to the League of...
 The human ward.
 Likes to punch things.
 Caitlyn also hates them.
 Still a one lane map.
 Don't feed them...
 Lissandra was also related.
 Serylda is also the same relation.
 You should know this...
 Yes, she is a champion. Yes, she's a she.
 Egypt has them too!
 Ah, brotherly love.
 Take into consideration it can't be considered too rude.
QuestionAnswerExtra Hint for you.
 No hint...you don't need it.
 Garen says it as a quote.
 Just type things relating to it, you'll get it.
 Answer honestly.
 You might aswell just google it...unless you actually know it...then good job.
 What does it mean? I don't know...
 Ha- the puns.
 Fill in the champion that fits the pun.
 Skins count aswell, but mention the skin and the champ, k?
 'My laz0r is bigger then his!'
 It's the last one you unlock.
 Champion Spotlights OP

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