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YearPlayerPosition Taken/Team
193612/Pittsburgh Pirates
19373/Chicago Cardinals
19392/Chicago Bears
19402/Philadelphia Eagles
19419/Chicago Bears
194210/Chicago Bears
19434/Brooklyn Dodgers
19441/Boston Yanks
19458/Washington Redskins
19464/Chicago Bears
19483/Chicago Bears
19492/Detroit Lions
19502/Baltimore Colts
19512/Chicago Bears
19521/Los Angeles Rams
19535/Pittsburgh Steelers
19541/Cleveland Browns
19551/Baltimore Colts
YearPlayerPosition Taken/Team
19561/Pittsburgh Steelers
19573/San Francisco 49ers
19581/Chicago Cardinals
19591/Green Bay Packers
19602/Chicago Cardinals
19612/Washington Redskins
19622/Los Angeles Rams
19631/Los Angeles Rams
19645/Detroit Lions
19655/Dallas Cowboys
196616/Atlanta Falcons
19673/ San Francisco 49ers
196811/Detroit Lions
19695/Cincinnati Bengals
19701/Pittsburgh Steelers
19711/Boston Patriots
197211/Green Bay Packers
19732/Baltimore Colts
197453/Dallas Cowboys
19751/Atlanta Falcons
YearPlayerPosition Taken/Team
19766/New York Jets
197719/St/ Louis Cardnials
197817/Tampa Bay Buccaneers
19793/Cincinnati Bengals
198015/Oakland Raiders
19816/Green Bay Packers
19824/Baltimore Colts
19831/Baltimore Colts
198438/Cincinnati Bengals
198529/Cleveland Browns**
19863/Houston Oilers
19871/Tampa Bay Buccaneers
198868/Phoenix Cardinals
19891/Dallas Cowboys
19901/Indianapolis Colts
199116/Seattle Seahawks
19926/Cincinnati Bengals
19931/New England Patriots
19943/Washington Redskins
19953/Houston Oilers
YearPlayerPosition Taken/Team
199642/St. Louis Rams
199726/San Francisco 49ers
19981/Indianapolis Colts
19991/Cleveland Browns
200018/New York Jets
20011/Atlanta Falcons
20021/Houston Texans
20031/Cincinnati Bengals
20041/San Diego Chargers
20051/San Francisco 49ers
20063/Tennessee Titans
20071/Oakland Raiders
20083/Atlanta Falcons
20091/Detroit Lions
20101/St. Louis Rams
20111/Carolina Panthers
20121/Indianapolis Colts
201316/Buffalo Bills
20143/Jacksonville Jaguars

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