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main character?
read left to right-> 
Percy's best friend?
read left to right-> 
what's his secret??
what's his favorite food??
Percy's female best friend?
what's her godly parent's name??
goddess of what??
Percy's godly parent's name?
god of what??
Percy goes to this camp during summer?
bully at camp?
bully's godly parent's name?
god of what??
Percy's mother's name?
makes food always what color??
Percy's step father's name?
Percy's favorite food?
traitor's godly parent?
god of what??
first god Percy meets?
second god Percy meets?
third god Percy meets?
first monster Percy fights?
Ms. Dodds 
second monster Percy fights?
third monster Percy fights?
Percy's half brother.?
is a...?
camp activities director?
his secret?
was replaced by who in second book??

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