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Ex. I got that____Ex. boom boom boomArtist/Song
drinking cocktails/beers with lime/all these guys yell 'she's a ____!'
I'm just a holy fool, oh _____ he's so cruel/ But I'm still in love with Judas, ______
Yes it's a _____, _____kitty but the kitty still bites/Yes it's a ____, _____ kitty but the kitty still bites
Burn it all down/Need to buy another round/Tell to loud up the sound of the _____
If you let me I could/I'd show you how to build your fences/Set ______
I’m a straight up kind of ____ I am/I’m a telling it like it is I am/And that’s just the kind of ____I am
Bubble Gum, ______, Baby Girl, Ultra Brat
I want the jaw droppin, eye popin, head turnin, ____ shockin
Una loba en el armario/Tiene ganas de salir/Deja que se coma el barrio/____de irte a dormir
I think I'm in ___ with my radio/Because it never lets me down/And I fall in ___ with my stereo

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