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20th century landscape photographer famous for his American landscapes
Place kicker with four Super Bowl rings
Former SNL funnyman and big box office draw
The first couple, according to the Bible
Author of the 'Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy' series
'Love Boat' doctor portrayed by Bernie Kopell
Microbrewery whose flagship lager is named after a Boston patriot
Battlestar Galactica chief
Comedian and former host of MTV's 'Loveline'
Missing child alert named for the son of 'America's Most Wanted' host John Walsh
TV's Batman
Late musician more commonly known as DJ AM
'Invisible Hand' economist
Personal computer from the 1980s
American Idol runner-up (2009)
Comic strip about a househusband
First Vice-president of the United States
British post-punk musician
Creepy and kooky TV family
Congressman from Harlem, first African American Congressman from New York
Long time 'Law and Order' D.A. portrayed by Steven Hill
Creator of Dilbert
Found at the front of the throat
Former luxury hotel chain
Front man for 1980s group Big Country

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