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Can you name the words created by removing one letter?

Featured Jun 10, 2011

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Word 1
Guide for sewing 
Quick, rehearsed speech 
Latin for 'Father' 
Spread often made from goose liver 
Lightly tap or slap 
In or near 
Word 2
Illegally appropriated (e.g. downloaded DVD) 
Hourly Fee 
Type of rodent 
Egyptian sun god 
MPAA rating 
Word 3
Putting away cargo prior to travel 
Planting seeds 
Tire attached to a tree limb by a rope 
What a bird uses to fly 
Succeed or best one's opponent 
Not out 
Me, myself & __ 
Word 4
Gin, vermouth, olive 
Puerto Rican pop singer Ricky 
County north of San Francisco, CA 
Adam was the first 
Roman numeral 1000 
Word 5
Move about quickly 
Metric fluid measure 
Ad speak for low calorie 
Set afire 
Symbol for Lithium 
50 in old Rome 
Word 6
Side by side 
______ feeding 
Better than better 
Boston time zone 
Spielberg film 
Celebrities Ice __ and Mr. __ 

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