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Spoken lineEpisode title
RIKER: This wasn't the only incident. The last several days, I've felt like everybody's staring at me or talking about me. It's as if I was in __________.
MARIE: You're not 'like' part of the __________. You *are* part of the __________, Jean-Luc Picard.
TEBOK: If we go to war, let us be sure it is for the right reason. We are here because our outposts, which border __________, were also attacked.
PICARD: We shall find another choice. I want options and I want them before we encounter the Klingon ship. Lieutenant, I'm assigning you to help __________. Dismissed.
# CRUSHER: You're dying. What can I do? ODAN: __________ body is dying. You must contact the Trill quickly. Tell them I need another __________.
BROOKS: I let it all out last night. I cried for two hours. I realised that I had never accepted __________ of my husband.
TAM: All my life I have waited for this. A chance to find peace. Finally all the voices are silent. Only __________ speaks to me now. Don't you see, Data? This is where I belong.
CRUSHER: All of the blood traces I found match those of Lieutenant __________ Uhnari. I'll assume those are her remains, but I'll need to take the deck plate back to sickbay.
PICARD: Is it possible we've fallen into the same snare that killed them? A thousand-year-old __________?
# PICARD: Admiral, your credibility is stretched beyond belief. A Romulan __________ is almost a contradiction in terms. But Admiral Jarok crossing the lines?
PICARD: The last time I saw Admiral Quinn, he tried to warn me about a subversion inside the Federation. RIKER: Subversion? Personally, I don't believe this __________ theory.
DATA: It is conceivable that with each new generation they enhance their own design. The rate of __________ would be extraordinary.
PICARD: There are many parts of my youth that I'm not proud of. There were loose threads [...] But when I pulled on one of those threads, it unraveled the __________ of my life.
PICARD: Our destination, the class M Beta Cassius planet known simply as __________. [...] so renowned for its peaceful beauty that some believe it to have mystical healing powers.
CRUSHER: I'm just trying to uncover the truth, and I need your help to do it. CHRISTOPHER: I find it disturbing that you would try to foster __________ among us.
PRESSMAN: __________ is still out there, Will. And the Romulans found her.
PICARD: You speak of a __________, but what you are saying now, according to our customs, is called an act of war!
PICARD: I say to any creature who may be listening, there can be no __________ so long as laws are absolute. Even life itself is an exercise in exceptions.
PICARD: __________ of every Starfleet officer is to the truth. [..] If you can't find it within yourself to stand up and tell the truth [..] you don't deserve to wear that uniform.
PICARD: When a society reaches your level of technology and is clearly about to initiate warp travel, we feel the time is right for __________.
SUTTER: Captain, Clara has told me that her __________ has been making threats. She claimed that others were on the way and that they had plans to kill everyone on the ship.
SANTOS: Then we have to make a __________. Send a message to the Cardassians that we won't sit still while they kill us with toxins.
Spoken lineEpisode title
DATHON: __________ and Jalad at Tanagra!
TROI: Sir, I now feel anger from our captain. Fury over whatever it is he's reliving out there. LAFORGE: __________ of Maxia, sir. That's what it is.
PICARD: Five hundred years ago, military officers would upend a drum on the battlefield, sit at it, and dispense summary justice. [...] Those who came to a __________ were doomed.
__________: The Bajoran custom has the family name first, the individual's second. I am properly addressed as __________.
DATA: Commander, __________ is the source of the unusual radiation. TROI: Ian said he's the reason the ship is in danger. DATA: That analysis is correct.
PICARD: Well, for your __________ aboard the Enterprise, you will accompany me to Pentarus Five while I try to sort out the problems with the miners.
DATA: I believe you are trapped inside __________, just as I am. TEX: Sure does seem that way when you're losing, don't it?
KARGAN: Tell me of the surest method of attack against the Enterprise. RIKER: I won't. KARGAN: You must! It is __________ and loyalty to your oath.
TROI: The one unusual element is Worf. In many ways he's suffering as badly as the boy. He wishes to involve Jeremy in a Klingon ceremony called R'uustai, __________.
SALESMAN: Whoever you are, wherever you're from, greetings. Welcome to Minos, __________!
ARMUS: I am a __________ left here by a race of Titans who believed if they rid themselves of me, they would be free from the bonds of destructiveness.
CRUSHER: They're __________, Data. __________ forgive.
PICARD: Consider the first time a run-through, a rehearsal, to shake out the flaws. The second time will succeed, if we leave no __________.
LEFLER: It's your turn, Wesley. Play __________.
PULASKI: I'll give you credit for your vast knowledge, but your circuits would just short out if confronted by a truly original mystery. It's __________.
CRUSHER: The __________ is perfect for Geordi, because his visor inputs allow the probe to transmit information directly into his cerebral cortex.
Q: Goodbye, Jean-Luc. I'm going to miss you. You had such potential. But then again, __________ must come to an end.
MCNARY: So this is __________. Tell me something, Dixon. When you've gone, will this world still exist? Will my wife and kids still be waiting for me at home?
RAMSEY: How did you find me? DATA: Actually, it was quite simple. __________ has no platinum. Enterprise scanners did the rest.
PICARD: You still haven't answered my question, __________. Is it logical for a Vulcan to cry?
SELA: Do not be distressed. Your dream of re__________ is not dead. It will simply take a different form: The Romulan conquest of Vulcan.
WORF: We will tell them the truth. All of the truth. But we will tell them that even if he is not the real Kahless, he is the __________ to Kahless.

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