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What prison term is no joke?Sweetest Girl
Bleeding on the floor - what should you have done differently?Ice Cream
He's tried to be patient, but they still make him want to ____?Live Your Life
What kind of sandwich does singer receive?Land Down Under
Why doesn't Mike have time?Remember The Name
What's the name of the guy T.I. won't see no more?Dead n Gone
What are the only intelligible words in Baba Yetu?Baba Yetu
They pack and deliver like what?Paper Planes
You're his ___ after the rain?Because of You
With whom might you drink sake?The Nosebleed Section
He ______ the rains down in Africa?Africa
Don't you think it's time we went a bit further?Faded
What would you be if you knew any of the translation of this song?Jai Ho
What was the topic of the last song that his dad heard?Cupid's Chokehold
Name two credit cards Timbaland DOESN'T have?The Way I Are
It's a piece of cake to bake what?Cookin By The Book
Name (in order) three things the Hansons tell you to plant. answer: 1, 2, 3MmmBop
When is monkey business happening?Tarzan Boy
What does he randomly call up and say? (not just on monther's day or her birthday) Hey Mama
What are two things she calls superman? answer: ___, ____Kryptonite
When will we mend your heart?Umbrella
How many positions can Hope flex in?Perfect Gentleman
Where did she head for some TLC?Fast Car
What comes to those who believe it?That's The Way It Is
What day could they not think of something to say?Sleepyhead
In a struggle, what is one thing you are supposed to do?No Rest For The Weary
Why you gotta go ____ ?Smell Yo Dick
They don't like what you got to say, but still ____?Ms. Hill
How long will Mariah be a part of him?Always Be My Baby
Poke who's face?Poker Face
What's at the bottom of the ocean?Once In A Lifetime

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