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hintanswer (word/phrase) extra information/ instructions
railway system/tracks/trains/waggons/roadsOdd one out.
to study/to erase/to raise your arm/higher education/to take an examOdd one out.
social work/lawyer/musician/architect/journalistOdd one out.
Don´t worry about him. You´re able to confide in me. I´m a reliable* human being.*Find an opposite.
Teachers always behave in a tactful* way, because they don´t want to upset their pupils.*Find an opposite.
competitive*Find an opposite.
In German primary schools English is the first foreign language*.*Find an opposite.
practical*Find an opposite.
The process of building a house is its__________.Fill in a suitable word.
I want to know your opinion. Please, fill in this_________and mark the write answers with a cross.Fill in a suitable word.
A person who doesn't live anymore is a__________.Fill in a suitable word.
Students are always excited when they take an__________.Fill in a suitable word.
Journalists make surveys and later they publish_________with charts and a collection of information.Fill in a suitable word.
People who play an instrument or write music as their job are__________.Fill in a suitable word.
A________is a woman whose job is to take care of injured/sick people. Fill in a suitable word.
_______are companies which lend and keep moneyFill in a suitable word.
The organization of tracks, trains and necessary workers.= the________Fill in a suitable word.
Her work experience helped her to make this decision, which was very important for her later________.Fill in a suitable word.
hintanswer (word/phrase) extra information/ instructions
Some pupils drop out of school, because they´re too lazy to________.Fill in a suitable word.
A very popular________is that women aren´t able to park their cars.Fill in a suitable word.
In many jobs, you should have done a________in a social organization.Fill in a suitable word.
________are people who design buildings.Fill in a suitable word.
technicalForm a noun.
practicalForm a noun.
competitiveForm a noun.
My aunt is an experienced lawyer* who is qualified to speak in a court of law.*Form another noun.
suitableForm a verb.
educationForm a verb.
to reach Form an adjective.
constructionForm an adjective.
If I had the chance* of becoming a superstar, I wouldn´t realise it.*Find a synonym.
to arrive at sth*Find a synonym.
He doesn´t have any experience in his new career*.*Find a synonym.
dependableFind a synonym.
My sister decided to continue on higher education*.*Give an example.

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