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Can you name the physical constant by value?

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9.1094 x10^-31 (kg)Electron rest mass
1.6726 x10^-27 (kg)
2.9979 x10^8 (m s^-1)
1.6022 x10^-19 (C)
6.0221 x10^23 (mol^-1)
8.3144 (J mol^-1 K^-1)
1.3807 x10^-23 (J K^-1)
6.6261 x10^-34 (J s)
6.673 x10^-11 (N m^2 kg^-2)
3.0857 x10^16 (m)
8.8542 x10^-12 (F m^-1)
4*Pi x10^-7 (H m^-1)

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