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Attack DescriptionAttack
110 P, Special, 70% acc, 10% chance of paralyzing target
50 P, Special, 90% acc, 70% chance of raising user's SpAtk by 1
Status, for 5 turns Electric attacks used by grounded Pokemon are boosted by 50% and grounded Pokemon cannot fall asleep
120 P, Physical, user takes 1/3 of damage dealt as recoil, 10% chance of paralyzing target
40 P, Special, 10% chance of paralyzing target
65 P, Physical, 30% chance of paralyzing target
100 P, Physical, Power doubles if used the same turn as Fusion Flare
75 P, Physical, 10% chance of paralyzing target
Special, Power varies with difference between user's Speed and target's Speed
90 P, Special, 10% chance of paralyzing target
Status, if target hasn't attacked yet this turn then target's attack this turn becomes Electric type
Status, if next move is Electric its Power is doubled, raises user's SpDef by 1
50 P, Special, user heals HP equal to half of damage dealt
65 P, Physical, 95% acc, 10% chance of paralyzing target, 10% chance of causing target to flinch
Attack DescriptionAttack
70 P, Special, causes user to switch out
130 P, Physical, 85% acc, 20% chance of paralyzing target
60 P, Special, always hits
80 P, Special, 30% chance of paralyzing target
55 P, Special, 95% acc, lowers target's Speed by 1
Status, paralyzes target
Status, lowers target's SpAtk by 2
90 P, Physical, user takes 1/4 of damage dealt as recoil
Status, hits first, all Normal attacks used this turn become Electric type
20 P, Physical, paralyzes target
Status, raises Defense and SpDef of allies with Plus or Minus ability by 1
Status, user gains abilities of Levitate for 5 turns
120 P, Special, 50% acc, always paralyzes target if successful

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