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Attack DescriptionAttack
Status, lowers target's SpAtk by 2
20 P, Physical, paralyzes target
Status, if target hasn't attacked yet this turn then target's attack this turn becomes Electric type
90 P, Physical, user takes 1/4 of damage dealt as recoil
120 P, Physical, user takes 1/3 of damage dealt as recoil, 10% chance of paralyzing target
50 P, Special, 90% acc, 70% chance of raising user's SpAtk by 1
Status, paralyzes target
55 P, Special, 95% acc, lowers target's Speed by 1
Status, user gains abilities of Levitate for 5 turns
Special, Power varies with difference between user's Speed and target's Speed
65 P, Physical, 30% chance of paralyzing target
65 P, Physical, 95% acc, 10% chance of paralyzing target, 10% chance of causing target to flinch
Status, raises Defense and SpDef of allies with Plus or Minus ability by 1
75 P, Physical, 10% chance of paralyzing target
Attack DescriptionAttack
100 P, Physical, Power doubles if used the same turn as Fusion Flare
90 P, Special, 10% chance of paralyzing target
110 P, Special, 70% acc, 10% chance of paralyzing target
130 P, Physical, 85% acc, 20% chance of paralyzing target
40 P, Special, 10% chance of paralyzing target
120 P, Special, 50% acc, always paralyzes target if successful
50 P, Special, user heals HP equal to half of damage dealt
70 P, Special, causes user to switch out
80 P, Special, 30% chance of paralyzing target
Status, hits first, all Normal attacks used this turn become Electric type
60 P, Special, always hits
Status, for 5 turns Electric attacks used by grounded Pokemon are boosted by 50% and grounded Pokemon cannot fall asleep
Status, if next move is Electric its Power is doubled, raises user's SpDef by 1

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