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Covered the biggest single?
Biggest selling Live Album (Simpson's episode with same title)
'Call me'?
Bass 1987 - 1995
Lead Guitarist / Vocalist
Who has the other one of Buck's twin guitars?
2002 Live DVD
Simpson's 350th Episode with BoC themed name?
The hook and cross logo?
Drums 1997 - 2004
Rhythm Guitar/ Keyboard (Founder)
Eric's previous job?
*always played live*
Drums 1987 - 1991
1st Album 1972
5th Album 1977
9th Album 1983
The biggest fansite?
The band's biggest hit?
11th Album 1988
Year Formed
13th Album 2001
*always played live*
8th Album 1981
Came up with the phrase 'Heavy Metal'
Song featured in Guitar Hero III
Drums (Founder)
Bass 1995
12th Album 1998
Lead Vocalist / Chord Guitar / Keyboard
7th Album 1980
Bass (Founder)
Name between (origional) and BoC
10th Album 1986
Drums 1985
Covered the song 'Astronomy'?
Drums 1985 - 1987
The origional album?
3rd Album 1974
6th Album 1979
Bass 1995 - 2004
Rhythm Guitar / Keyboard
2nd Album 1973
Buck's speciallised guitar? (One of two in existence)
4th Album 1976
Drums 1991 - 1997
Origional lead singer before SFG album?
The album the Astronomy cover is on?
Origional Name
Drums 1981 - 1984

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