Greek Olympians and Titans

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Can you name the Greek Olympians and Titans?

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HINT! Olympian/Titan
Titan- Astronomy
Titan- Leadership, Domestic Animals
Titan- Intellegence
Titan- Father of the Olympian gods
Titan- Mother Earth
Titan- Life, Sun
Titan- Mortality
Titan- Memory
Titan- Water, Seas
Titan- Brilliance, Moon
Titan- Wisdom, Forethought
Titan- Mother of the Olympian gods
Titan- Wet Element, Oceans
Titan- Sight
Titan- Law, Justice, Order
HINT! Olympian/Titan
Titan- Ruler of Heaven & Sky
Olympian- Goddess of Love
Olympian- God of Sun, Light, Music
Olympian- God of War
Olympian- Goddess of Moon
Olympian- Goddess of Wisdom, Skill
Olympian- Goddess of Agriculture
Olympian- God of Joy
Olympian- Ruler of the Underworld
Olympian- God of Fire, Metallurgy
Olympian- Goddess of Marriage, Family
Olympian- God of Trade
Olympian- Goddess of Hearth, Home
Olympian- God of the Seas
Olympian- Supreme God

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