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TitleCharacterTitle's Appearances
Shrine Maiden of Selfish DesiresTD
The Jealousy Beneath the Earth's CrustSA, SoPM
Science That Looks for DreamsPoDD
The Dowser Little GeneralUFO, SoPM
Swarm of Bright BugsStB
The Counterattacking AmanojakuDDC
Poltergeist KeyboardistPCB, PoFV, PMiSS
Scheming Nine-Tailed FoxPMiSS
Pouring StarlightSaBND, FW
Eternal Shrine MaidenShuuso Gyoku, EoSD
Phantasmal PercussionistDDC
Flower Master of the Four Seasons PoFV, PMiSS
The Moon Princess Connecting Sea and MountainSSiB
Tsukumogami of an Aging KotoDDC
The Magician Passing ByFW
What Winter Left BehindPCB
The Bright Net in the Dark CaveSA, SoPM
Super Youkai WarheadMoF, SA, SoPM
The Crimson WatchguardPMiSS
Singing Night SparrowOSP
Ruinous Super StrengthDS
Resident of Fantasy That Runs Through TimePoDD
Descendant of the KobitoDDC
The Bamboo Forest's Loup-GarouDDC
Poltergeist ViolinistPCB, PoFV, PMiSS
The One Armed, Horned HermitWaHH, OSP
Inexperienced Spoiler ReporterDS
Silent MoonlightSaBND, FW
Perfect and Elegant MaidPoFV
Colorful Rainbow GatekeeperStB
Sight-Shaking Youkai RabbitStB
TitleCharacterTitle's Appearances
Bizarreness of the RokurokubiDDC
The Epitome of Native GodsMoF, IoM&IoE, SoPM
Brain of the MoonIN
Shining SunlightSaBND, FW
The Expressive Poker FaceHM
Upstart Beast YoukaiDS
The Big Wheel that Guards and is GuardedUFO, SoPM
Tengu Closest to the VillageMoF
Witch of DeathMS Cast Roll
Beautiful Scarlet ClothSWR
Normal and Extraordinary YamabikoWaHH
Loyal UndeadTD, SoPM
Shoutoku TaoistTD, SoPM
Black Cat of Ill OmenPCB, PMiSS
Tsukumogami of an Aging BiwaDDC
The Unmoving Used Goods SellerSSiB
Scorching, Troublesome Divine FlameSA, Soku, SoPM
Doll Unkind to BodyStB
Rabbit of the EarthIN, SSiB
Eternal PrincessPMiSS
Poltergeist TrumpeterPCB, PoFV, PMiSS
Old Youkai #1TD
Spring Bringing FairyPCB, PMiSS
Young Mistress of Bhava-AgraDS
Diabolic WaveStB
Bibliophile with a Deciphering EyeFS
Hell's Traffic AccidentSA, SoPM
Free-Sprited OniWaHH
The Petty Patrol TenguMoF
A Princess Dreaming of Beauty in DanmakuPoDD
Symbol of Loneliness and DemiseMoF, SoPM
TitleCharacterTitle's Appearances
Sweet-Smelling GodDS
Evil Chief Priest of Youkai TempleSoPM
Half-Beast of Knowledge and HistoryIN
TurtleMS Cast Roll
Half-Phantom Seeking DeathTD
Dropped and Low-Plateaued ShinigamiWaHH
Fantasy LegendPoDD
The Fearsome Well SpiritSA
Independent and Inflexible GodWaHH
The Cheery Forgotten UmbrellaUFO, SoPM
Sickness in Everyone's HeartDS
Vengeful GhostHRtP
Bake-danuki with Ten TransformationsTD
Miserable Expanse of the OceanDS
Someone Thinking of NothingDS
Mastermind Behind the Spiriting AwayPCB
Unreasonable and Unjust HermitWaHH
Mermaid Living in Fresh WaterDDC
Witch of the Spring HazeSWR
Ghost of Flawless, Immaculate BeautyIaMP, SWR
Master of Warding Away Bad LuckDS
Ice Fairy of the LakeEoSD
Youkai of the DuskEoSD, PMiSS
The Moon Princess Possessed Around by Divine SpiritsSSiB
Ghost of the Children of the GodsTD, SoPM
Supreme Judge of ParadisePoFV
Memory of GensokyoPMiSS, IoM&IoE
Dead Nirvana Hermit from Ancient JapanTD, SoPM
Maiden Poltergeist Who Has Lost Her DreamsPoDD
Hardworking Witch Who Dreams of LovePoDD
Scarlet Infant Moon of EternityEoSD

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