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Can you name the Windows Touhou characters by their pre-battle quotes??

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Shall I consume the devil's history as well?
Are you strong enough to fight in the preliminaries? Do you have a power that can match nuclear fusion!?
How entertainin' could a fairy as my opponent possibly be? If we're gonna find out, it's yer responsibility to be my subject!
You human who's forgotten the fear of night! Die from the terror of this unidentified flying object!!
Return! For living humans, the width of the Sanzu no Kawa is infinite! I won't let you cross!
I should make all of your emotions explode too! Take this! My arcane Noh of Darkness!
I'll punish you with the power of a living god... With the divine power to cause miracles!
I don't see what's so unfortunate about that but, if that's true then it'll be a huge scoop!
At last, former friend, we meet again. Have you only brought me your life as a gift?
You're the one from that mansion on the bank of the lake...
Tripling a one still leaves you with all ones! Come on, let's settle this!
Why don't you let me borrow a little of your power for this treasure that will light the world with the power of dharma!
You're so lucky. You will sleep in this field of suzuran.
The well-behaved have gained power in this world of social upheaval. Even mere tools can rule the world! I'll make you the foundation we'll stand on!
Now, you, who goes to such a shack every day— Experience this once the raging soul of a god!
As such, my powers far exceed those of any youkai you've ever seen... Not to mention those of humans. Or dogs.
In this inverted castle where everything is turned upside-down, I'll give you a taste your first failure!
Go ahead and try it, if you think you can hit me! You'll regret the bad luck you had fighting me on this moon-blessed ground!
Look upon my head and despair!
Now, my treasured mallet! Impart your power of dreams to all those of small stature!
What is it that the scarlet clouds were summoning.... I'll carve that onto your body with the greatest magnitude!
Of course you can't. These are the estate grounds of a devil. I won't let an exorcist pass!
Allow me to do some strict training with my ten-game match of danmaku transformations!
Freshly-harvested sweet potatoes make up my perfume. Do you think I'm going to let a shrine maiden eat me!?
In this world of social upheaval where everything is turned on its head... Who is the strongest tool? We'll decide that here and now!
I shall vanquish thee, and so return to the world of the living in full. Then, the Crown Princess shall rise anew.
The night is my domain so don't think you'll defeat me so easily. (I've always wanted to say that!)
Actually, I have a feeling it was all your fault in the first place. I'll take you along with that sake to everyone else!
I am the one who judges the sins of ones who have died, yes, the judge of hell.
Every disaster will befall you. I can't let you pass, even to protect humans!
All this talk is wasting my time! I can't believe there are people like you who despise fireflies!
You have to wait until night to surprise humans!
My faithful servant! Go eradicate the one who would deny this resurrection!
You'll surely come to regret not declaring war in the middle of winter.
Now, sleep with this trauma that will leave you sleepless!
I'll save the oppressed youkai. That is my chosen calling as a magician.
Your time is mine... An old-fashioned witch doesn't stand a chance.
Oh well, if you really want to get into the mountain, you'll have to show me how serious you are!
The danmaku that lurk in your subconscious are danmaku that my sister has never seen!
Hear me, all you used ones from the outside world! Let your beat of dreams and illusions resound throughout Gensokyo!
Because, we oni always want to compare our strength to strong people we meet!
Unwanted noise should be drowned out.
Well, then! Awe me, creator of these lands, with your marvelous, god-like miracles!
Starting tonight, you two... Will never again see in the dark!
Let's make it as clear as black and white who of us is the strongest in Gensokyo!
Divided by my history, the result is zero. To an eternal one, your existence is but an instant
A human scream to begin a morning at the temple! How wonderful!
Even if you're strong, you're no match for us three, see? So c'mon, work with us! Under our flag!
Does this look like 'The saint was crucified on the cross'?
Soon you will be behind MY barriers. There within, is neither night nor day.
Then you'll have to bear witness to the light of dharma which is even brighter here in Makai -- And bow down before this pagoda of Bishamonten!
Let's see, 'How to passively defeat the black thing in front of me...'
Indeed, dead people have no mouths. I will consume the warmth of your spring.
Since the moon is also red like this, I shall thus kill you with my true power.
Pulling strings, what fun~
Hehe, unfortunately we can't bring powerless passengers with us. Now, leave the treasure here and return back to earth!
My Five Impossible Requests, which defeated so many humans in the past... How many of them can you fulfill?
I, who knows not death, have surpassed the darkness. See this beautiful danmaku, unchained from the dark samsara!
See my eyes, and lose every last trace of your mind!
I'm in charge of guarding this place's treasure from that kind of person.
Well then, let's start the performance! Sisters, get ready!
Now I'll show you the true power of my boundary!
No dish has ever escaped my performance alive.
You shall become one of our companions! By the danmaku awakened from a deep sleep!
It means you can't continue!
This is our village. Would you mind getting out of here human?
I will unseal the tree, dog of the devil!
I'll show you how great the power of the youkai who were banished underground is!
Then experience the power of a youkai of fear that should have been sealed away!
Your corpse and soul look pretty strong, Sis. I bet they'll make my cart pretty heavy.
The advice from a messenger of the Dragon Palace is one way to avoid a future calamity. Unfortunately, you've just lost that excellent choice.
Now, attempt to defeat me! And lay bare your own desire!

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