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In the 'Whine Country' episode Doug wants to travel in a RV for their vacation. Where does Carrie want to go?
Name of the place Doug got the coupon from for Carrie's birthday present in the episode 'Sight Gag'?
In the 'Pregnant Pause' episode what is the name Doug suggests for their baby that Carrie ends up losing?
Name one of Doug's high school football nicknames.
In the 'Iced Cubed' episode what does Carrie accidently get for free?
In the 'No Retreat' episode what does Doug lie to Mr. Kaplan about doing?
In the 'Patrons Ain't' episode how much do Doug & Carrie give to Kirby's school to help renovate the library?
In the 'Ticker Treat' episode what does Kirby end up being for Halloween?
What nickname does Doug give to Arthur in the 'Frozen Pop' episode?
Who do Doug & Deacon hire to perform at Doug's house when they win $5000 from a work pool?

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